One Hundred Trained Assassins, One Evil Warlord, One Ancient Relic, Just 3 Girls…

A Bay of Plenty Film community project.

DIRECTOR: Anton Steel

DP: Chris Kirkham

It was a real honor to be asked to play a key role as DP on Just 3 Girls. I cant take all the credit though as we had the adventuring athlete / camera man & legend on so many levels Jared Meehan swinging the Ronin between his on set stunt work commitments + one of the nicest guys you will ever meet Steve Lawton who’s skills behind the lens can be seen throughout the finished edit complemented by Andrew Taylor assisting the camera department.

Massive respect to the stunt crew who were as professional and experienced as they come. Mana Hira Davis, Thomas Kiwi Matt Bennett + more.

The Three Girls Katherine Kennard, Melanie Jayne & Tanya Horo are a great combo and have so much to offer on and off screen.

Directed by ‪Anton Steel‬ Written by Daryl Belbin Edited by Tessa Blackett Special FX post production + an assassin roll in the flic Jimi Colzato Sound mix / design and the long list of super rad people can be seen in the rolling credits at the end.